Weight Of The Day

I grieve in the morning, before I’m fully awake, the weight of things done and undone open to attack. I’m as undressed in my psyche as I am on my body, and it takes my beginning routine to shake it off. Make the bed, start coffee – unsettling thoughts crowd my mind while thinking about… More Weight Of The Day

Dear Son, Sorry

I was reading lists of things to teach your children before it’s too late on my news feed. To quote former Texas Governor, Rick Perry: ‘oops’. I didn’t teach you about money very well.  You need to pay your rent, and your bills, and your student loan, and get food, for godssake!  Oh, for all… More Dear Son, Sorry

Clothes Shopping

Does anyone else get anxious going into a clothing store?  I like clothes, adore cute styles, patterns, textures, and varied material, but I ordered shorts online, and they were too big – a happy problem, for sure – but going to the store to try to find the right size was a freakish experience. Shopping has… More Clothes Shopping

Summer Day, Twelve

The cool breeze and shade diminished the heat of the sun as I walked down the road to Marie’s house.  I watched the big maples and oaks as I walked, their leaves rippling and swaying in the wind, the sun filtering through them creating dappled patterns, moving kaleidoscope-like on the pavement.  I tried leaping into spots of… More Summer Day, Twelve

I Forgive Me

Maybe I’ll get a wide-screen view of my life when I die, and I’ll have the perspective of a stranger, seeing all I did and didn’t do, and perhaps it won’t be as terrible as I fear. I know where I fucked-up, and I know where I tried to right things, and I know where I… More I Forgive Me

One Of Those Days

I woke up sad.  Like someone close just died sad.  I can’t seem to connect today, have no interest in talking, but I thought maybe writing would help, and I’m sure there are many folks out there who can relate. There’s nothing wrong, and life is going on as it always does.  Nothing happened, nothing’s… More One Of Those Days

Purposeful Life?

She reminds me of my mother, slowly lifting her leg up the step, unsteady with her cane, as I hold the door open and offer my other arm to help keep her balance.  She smiles warmly, her whole face lighting up, and thanks me for my kindness. I’m not being kind, I’m being human, I… More Purposeful Life?

Online Concerns

An account at an online drugstore that I rarely used – and thankfully didn’t store my financial information – was hacked, and the person tried to purchase something using their name and financials, but using my email.  I got a notice from the company that I had changed my information and to contact them if… More Online Concerns

Marching Into Spring, and Smith College Spring Bulb Show

March is only calendar Spring, but it helps psychologically.  I’ve seen a foot of snow in April, and sometimes snow in May.  It melts more quickly, but with climate change, I have no idea what the weather patterns are doing.  Yes, we’ve had fierce winters forever, and there were ice ages too, but we’re in… More Marching Into Spring, and Smith College Spring Bulb Show

Website Home

My latest endeavor: Get Creative e-business. It’s my new business platform – anything from freelance writing, acting, singing, and all kinds of creativity to keep my inspiration hopping! I look forward to the day when I have a brick & mortar business to have a site for, but for now, you can hire me for writing,… More Website Home

Signs of Spring

Wrapped by this bright day’s light, I know it’s still cold outside, but it’s nice to pretend the air is balmy, with warm spring breezes tinkling the chimes hanging from the porch outside our front window. Winter’s quiet, now broken by trilling birds seeking mates, claiming their territory, and readying their nests over this side of the hill, is… More Signs of Spring

Go West! (even though you’re bound to return)

When I revised my about page, I thought about all the places I’ve lived, and why I kept moving.  I didn’t really have wanderlust, although I did enjoy traveling when I could.  I wasn’t even very restless, but I never felt satisfied or content. In my twenties, I saw a greeting card illustrated by Mary Engelbreit that… More Go West! (even though you’re bound to return)

Cult Zeroes

Cults abound.  I grew up in one, and the apologists continue trying to convince more reasonable people of the cultists’ righteousness, that they have the answer(s), and you should give them all your money and worldly possessions in pursuit of oneness with their cult leader – because you can be damn sure there is a hierarchy, and… More Cult Zeroes

Top Ten Why I Don’t Drive So Fast Anymore

10. Wanting to join the hypermilers.   9. Avoiding those damn squirrels is harder the faster you’re going. 8. Having to brake for a line of just moving cars after hitting all the other green lights on that road.   7. Stupid people in rotaries, traffic circles, or roundabouts   6. Speeding tickets. 5. Insurance rates going… More Top Ten Why I Don’t Drive So Fast Anymore


Matter is created In the raw depths.  Getting there takes fortitude – carrying on, motoring through, shoveling out the muck. Maybe there is precious metal and a few gems to uncover, and clean up for display – to show it was worth the toil. As a child, I dug in the sand for hours, carefully piling… More Deconstructing

Our Time Comes

My mother is in her 80’s now.  80’s!  I realized what that means at our holiday family gathering when we were opening presents, and I gave my mother her gift to open, and something was happening to her, freaking us all out.  She closed her eyes, and seemed to be struggling internally, swallowing, all the… More Our Time Comes