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Tony Shalhoub won’t leave me alone.  O.k., he doesn’t know me, but the guy keeps appearing in my dreams, and pops into my head at random moments.  And, to be fair, it’s not Mr. Shalhoub himself, but his character as he appeared in Monk.  Watching that show actually prepared me somewhat for my current job with a persnickety boss.

The office needs to be prepared to be opened in the way my boss, who is also a practitioner of mine, expects.  When I was trained to work there, I learned that everything is set up in a particular way, with items set in an exact position, and an atmosphere is established.

I understand that on a practical level and accept it, but I also see where it’s very high maintenance.  I don’t care because I’m not a full-time employee, nor am I all that invested in my part-time job there, but I’ve also dealt with a megalomaniac cult leader, and his followers, so my boss is a piece of cake.  I want to laugh whenever one of my office mates tries to soften my boss’s peculiarities with facial gestures and other body language because I’ve seen so much worse in my life.  My boss’s requirements at least make sense.

Part of me wants to tell the other workers that not only am I perceptive, I also don’t judge or begrudge my boss his standards and requirements.  My job is to do what I’m asked, as long as it doesn’t compromise my integrity in any way.

Anyway, back to Mr. Shalhoub: I think he’s one of the best actors I’ve ever watched, and his comic timing is impeccable.  I am so jealous of his talent and skill, and just want to meet him and hang out with him, hoping that some of his genius rubs off on me.  His wife, Brooke Adams, is also a wonderful actor, and I met her briefly when I was a kid and she was filming a few scenes in a movie that I can’t even remember the name of, and doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere online, but the scene I watched was of her getting in a car and driving several hundred feet and getting out.  She had to do the scene over quite a few times.  It was my first exposure to film-making, and I was absolutely enamored with it.  I knew I wanted to be an actor since I was about ten, so it was a special thrill to see part of a movie being made locally.

Maybe I’ll meet Mr. Shalhoub one of these days, but I think it’s cool that his work has impacted me regardless of whether I ever know him or not.




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