It’s raining hard and steady today, as it was yesterday, and I am ruing the end of summer.  It was a hot, sunny and sultry summer weekend before this past one, and I went swimming with some old and new friends a few times at a place called the Pumping Station where there is a covered bridge over the Green River, and a concrete dam where the reservoir water spills over.

Some years ago the river below the dam was filled in with tons of sand to keep people from jumping off the bridge, and the bridge walk-way was fenced over from the roof of the bridge to the bottom of the walk-way rail.

It was an effective deterrent until the huge storms of the last years washed the sand downstream, and actually made the swimming hole deeper than it had previously been.  Someone had also bent the fence out enough that you can slide through the railings, grab hold of the fence on the other side and pull yourself out to step onto the ledge to jump, and that’s exactly what we did.  Getting out onto the ledge was more frightening than jumping, although the first jump I took was dizzying.

I wanted my friends to jump with me, but I was among only a few adults jumping with the group of kids and teens.  My friend who used to jump off the bridge with me many years ago was happier staying on the edge of the water taking pictures of the rest of us

This is me, and my friend, Barb, back in the day when we’d go nearly every weekend and jump and swim:

Here I am last weekend:


Happy and proud:

It was an extraordinary weekend spent in the company of some of my dearest friends, and the memory comforts me now, even as I long to be back in the water again.




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