What A Trip

A few women friends and I are trying to plan a trip to Ireland this winter.  I will have to put most of the amount on credit, and while I’m used to living this way, I’m also hesitant because I know that the trip will end up costing twice as much as it would if I could pay outright.  Still, it’s an opportunity for adventure, and maybe have a better experience than the last time I was there.

Part of planning is trying to get the best deals on flights and lodging, but then there’s food, transportation, and incidentals to consider.  One of the women used public transit when she was last there, but having a car means more scheduling freedom.  I’m open to whatever works best for all of us, and is the least expensive.  We’re also thinking of staying in hostels, and I stayed at a hostel while I was in Israel, and it was fine.  I actually enjoyed rooming with others, and my luggage was safe.  Plus, when I was in Israel, I was on my own, and stuck up for myself when a rip-off Sherut driver tried to make me pay twice.  He acted like he was going to keep my luggage unless I paid him again, yelling at me in either Hebrew or Arabic, or Farsi, or whatever language he spoke, pretending he didn’t understand what I was saying, but I just kept shaking my head ‘no’, and repeating “I already paid”, until finally, he threw my bags down at my feet and got back in his taxi grumbling loudly as he went.

Living on a shoestring budget is difficult, and I know I have to pay for what I get, but the last time I traveled, the plane tickets dropped by a hundred dollars a week after I bought mine.  The airline gave me a credit to use within a year, but I couldn’t because one trip every five or ten years is the most I’m willing to pay off long-term.

I’m still paying off the last Ireland trip and that was only a few years ago.  I know I’m privileged compared to a large portion of the world’s population to even consider leisure travel.  I am very grateful for the trips I’ve taken, and for living in the United States as opposed to somewhere like Uganda or any other impoverished and/or war-torn nation.  It’s all relative.




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