Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

It was mid-afternoon by the time I arrived at my friend’s cottage in Eastham, MA, and I was happy to find out that my friend lives on the western shore of the Cape so the sunset can be seen from her deck, or from the steps going down to the water (where most of the pictures were shot from).

The day started out cold with torrential rain that stopped by the late morning, and the rest of the day turned out hot, and muggy.  The air was cooling off by sunset, but remained warm enough to enjoy being outdoors without requiring extra clothing.

I like the boat’s name: Live Slow.

I like how the glow in the bottom clouds looks like a UFO under the ball of the sun.

The cloud in this picture looks like it’s a vessel holding the sun.

It was cool to see how different the sky looked way above the horizon, and the fingernail moon up above.

This is one of my favorite pictures taken from the cottage deck.  I like the cloud that resembles a whale floating above the water.

The back of my friend’s cottage I stayed in.  I slept up in the low loft on the second floor.  It was cool because getting up there required climbing a rung ladder built into the wall and made me feel like a kid in my own little cubbyhole, and the view out on the water was lovely to look out on.

I hope to get back here again before too long – or maybe I’ll even acquire a place of my own somewhere near this particular piece of heaven.

Happy travels!




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