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When I was a kid, my older brothers had the Beatles‘ records and I wanted to listen to them all the time, probably more because my brothers didn’t want me playing them.  The Beatles had broken up as a band, and were well into their solo careers by the time I was really interested in them.  I thought Paul was the cutest, John was handsome, but had an edge to him that I liked, but also intimidated me.  George was the cool, aloof one, and I had a big crush on Ringo.  Ringo was the most accessible member of The Beatles to me.  Maybe it was because of the songs he was featured on, or maybe it was because he was more in the background than the others, it seemed to me, and he had an unconventional puppy-dog attractiveness.

It was John I remained most drawn to through the years, although I still liked the other former Beatles’ music as well.  Maybe it was John’s personal struggles and vilification that made me like him so much, but his peace activism awoke my sense of justice and I became a peace activist as well.

I’m tearing up just remembering how deeply his music and life affected me, and I still feel that his death came much too soon.  I felt so bad for his young son, but glad they had so much time together before John was gunned down that cold Manhattan evening.  I felt sad for Julian, who looked and sounded so much like his father, and I wondered if they had had a good relationship.  I felt sad for Yoko too, but I think I mostly felt sad for myself, that John would never make any more amazing music I could listen to, and I would never get a chance to meet him.

I nearly spoke with him on the phone once, but I thought I was being punked by the guy who told me I could say hello to John Lennon, so I declined to take the phone when it was offered to me.  I was maybe eleven or twelve at the time, and just a few years ago, I was reading the obituary of the guy who held out that phone for me to speak with John Lennon, and the write-up included how he had been friends with John Lennon.  I think I actually yelled when I read that.  He hadn’t tried to prank me after all, and I missed a chance to speak with one of my favorite musicians, and icons of the 20th century.

On the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination in 2010, Brian Williams introduces the last interview John Lennon gave in 1980:




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  1. It seems unbelievable that it’s been 30 years. I lived in NYC at the time and it seemed that all of Manhattan shifted into slow motion for several days after hearing the news. Great post.

    1. Wow, it must have been even more surreal living in NYC! Yeah, isn’t it crazy how much time has gone by? I lived close to where I’m living now, and I wandered around in disbelief for a while too, finding it hard to fathom that life still went on and that other people didn’t seem to care that the world had the Universe had just shifted for the worse (I’ve always been given to dramatics…).

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