Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

The boys I watch and I made this snowman last winter.  It was a battle getting it made because they just wanted to keep smashing the snow rather than make anything with it.  I convinced them that they would like the completed snowman, but they had to let me finish.  I got them to find sticks we could make into arms, and where the melting snow had dripped from the roof and gutters there were some uncovered rocks on the ground that we used for the eyes and nose.  I didn’t dare go inside to see if there was a carrot we could use for the nose because I’m sure the snowman would have been a snow pile when I got back outside.

The boys did like the snowman when it was finished, but they wanted to keep adding rocks and sticks on, so we built another snow mound that they were creative with and let me keep the snowman as he was.




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