Stepping Up

Autonomy.  Sovereignty.  Freedom.  Choice.  Personal power.

Those are words I try to live by, to live up to.  All of those were taken from me, or excluded from my world as a child, but there is a war on women happening more regressive than anything I’ve known in my lifetime.

I fought for my rights, took back my power, planted my flag on my hilltop, and drew my sword.  I lost ground many times, but managed to return, even when my chances looked dim.

The abortion debate angers me so much.  If you are ‘pro-life’ then don’t have an abortion.  I am not ‘pro-abortion’, but I am pro-choice.  If a woman gets pregnant, and for whatever reason, does not want to have that child, she has more rights than that zygote growing inside her until it becomes a fetus, and able to survive on its own.  Religious zealots, mostly men, want to take away women’s self-determination.  For those of us who don’t believe in a God, or have other beliefs than these control-freaks are trying to impose upon all of us, we need to act.  Now, religious men are trying to take away women’s access to birth control through government!  Ever hear of separation between church and state?  Apparently those creeps never did.  Insurers do not have the right to cherry-pick what they will cover.  If a zygote-is-a-person measure doesn’t pass in Virginia, they want to pass a law forcing medical providers to use a vaginal ultra-sound on women seeking an abortion – an invasive and unnecessary procedure designed solely to punish women getting abortions.  It will be state-mandated rape with a foreign object because a woman could not refuse it.

Women’s bodies are not breeders.  I will not stop fighting for personal sovereignty, and no other human being has the right to tell me what I can and can’t do with my body.  It’s my body, not yours.  I don’t believe in your so-called ‘God’ that you purport to honor, even though you fight against helping anyone once they’re out of the womb.  You call women ‘welfare-queens’ and parasites sucking off the system, while forcing them to have children they didn’t want and can’t afford.  You tell them they should have that baby and give it up to those who can take care of it, but that being is part of that woman, and if she doesn’t want to grow a child inside of her only to have some other person raise it, who might molest, beat, or neglect that child (as often happens in this sick world), then the decision is between her, and her belief system.  There are many ways to terminate a pregnancy without needing a doctor, so all the twisted people out there killing abortion providers will not stop abortion from happening.

Keeping abortion safe and legal actually saves more lives.  Women will abandon unwanted children in bathroom stalls, throw them in dumpsters, and so many other horrific acts because they feel powerless, and shamed, and for whatever other reasons weren’t able to terminate a pregnancy before resorting to such dire measures.

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where abortion wasn’t necessary?  Wouldn’t it be astounding if there were no child abuse, no molestation, no rape.  Has rape, molestation, and child abuse stopped yet?

The people who yell the loudest about morality, are usually the least moral people.  I know three people whose fathers were ministers, who molested them, and raped them.  Three.  That’s just me!  How many more are there out there?  Two weeks ago, officials arrested a local man for having, and distributing, child pornography.  The article detailed how many of the videos show rape and torture of children as young as four.  Four.  I don’t why I kept reading.  Maybe I felt that taking it in would lessen some of the impact for those children, for all of the harmed ones.  I seriously questioned whether I could stay alive one more day on such a horrible world, and yet grateful that I’m not a perpetrator of sexual violence.  I’ve never had a successful love relationship, but at least I’m not perpetuating that particular evil.

Abortion is not pleasant, and is never an easy decision.  If you think women use abortion as ‘birth control’, maybe you should ask why that could be?  I have known many rape, molestation, abuse, and neglect survivors. One in three women are raped and/or molested in her lifetime, in the United States alone, usually by family members or ‘friends’.   That needs to change, and while I wish perpetrators could face potential execution as punishment for sexual crimes, I am doing what I can to raise awareness, work on interventions and preventions, and get more prosecutions (with long-term jail sentences).

When violence against women and children has stopped, then we can think about abortion in a different context, if it’s even a necessary conversation.




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6 thoughts on “Stepping Up”

  1. Once again, we’re on the same page. I live in Virginia and I have been busy signing petitions and writing letters pretty much along the lines of this blog.
    Damn these pompous ass men who think they have the right to determine what women should do with their bodies. I’m with you…I am not pro abortion, but I am pro women having the right to decide. When will it ever stop? When will men get over the fact that women are equal, intelligent humans who have the same rights as the patriarchy. I’m ready to march on the state capitol I’m so pissed about it all.

    1. Thanks Brenda! This is going beyond the pale. I understand that people’s religious choices may bring them to personal decisions about how to conduct their lives, and they can share it with others all they want, but trying to legislate it is against our American rights, and personal freedoms. I’m grateful for you and many other women taking this seriously. Sadder still are the extreme right wing religious folks who think that it’s ok to do anything: rape, murder, pillage – as long as you accept Jesus as your personal savior – everything is forgiven. That is mind-blowing to me on it’s own, but then they want to keep women from using birth control, from having pre-marital sex, etc. So, they either don’t believe everything can be forgiven, or they have an agenda for women that has nothing to do with their ‘religious’ beliefs.

      1. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Right wing extremists scare me. I don’t lose sleep over their tactics, but they do make me feel unsettled. Goddess help us if one gets in office. Women and senior citizens are low man on the totem pole for these people.

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