Far From Here

Or near, maybe it’s all just veneer –

and under the surface reality lies,

hidden from prying eyes.

I look to a falling star,

and I wonder just how far

that light has come,

and know the star and I are one.

I traveled so far from home

no ruby shoes to call my own,

or click my heels to find myself

in my backyard.

Dreaming was never hard.

I kept looking out, when it all was in –

did I create original sin?

Am I held fast within my cage –

like a lion roaring, displaying his rage?

Or docile, defeated, lying down?

Undiminished, resounding crash of thunder, lightning –

nature’s lash.

Rise up and know,

you’re more than you’ve been led to believe,

but hurry now, no time to grieve.

Make hay while that sun shines,

you’ll dance in the heavens when it’s time.




© seekingsearchingmeaning (aka Hermionejh) and Life On Earth’s Blog, 2010 – infinity.

Author: Hermionejh

Laughter is my drug.

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  1. I agree ! this is awesome!
    I really like it!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Take Care…
    You Matter

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