Police Blotter

What a job dispatchers have, hearing the hate, fear, and sorrow of humanity.  The car accident that killed five, the fire taking all the family’s possessions and leaving them homeless, the petty crimes – committed for various reasons we’re left to ponder.

Murder was attempted just down the street from me – was the child I heard wailing into the night last week part of that scene?  Theft is up as desperation increases.

Lighter incidents of the week are sprinkled throughout the report too: chickens in the road (why were they crossing, we wonder with a chuckle).  A purse was found and turned into the station – no valuables reported missing.  Children’s toys were left in the road, obstructing traffic – but gone by the time officers arrived.

I kind of like that an officer took time to check out something like that.  I wonder how big or many toys there must have been for a report to be called into the station.  Maybe it was simply a neighbor fed up with another neighbor not paying attention – or purposely causing aggravation.

History is replete with comedy and tragedy, with old grudges carried through generations, the original issue forgotten or irrelevant.  Maybe that energy could be better spent, but not to those people.  As I read the week’s blotter, I felt better about my life, and took it as a cautionary tale – knowing that but for the Grace of some Higher Power go I.




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2 thoughts on “Police Blotter”

  1. I’m a big fan of Joseph Wambaugh books. You wouldn’t believe some of the things he recounts in his time as a police officer.

    Did the cops ever determine why the chickens were crossing the road. The world awaits.

    1. Sounds like some books I’d like to check out. I think the chickens crossed the road because they flew the coop… (isn’t that a euphemism for a jail-break?) 😀 Thanks for your input, Al! 🙂

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