Many members of my nuclear and extended family have fought and died in various wars through American history.  I’m sure my ancestors engaged in wars large and small since the dawn of time.

I honor their service, their courage, their sense of duty and honor.  I appreciate their willingness to fight to maintain control of their portion of the world, or an allies portion, or to remove bad actors who threatened world stability, or committed such atrocities that we intervened.  I am grateful for their commitment even when, or perhaps especially when, it’s shown that our soldiers were ill-used, either purposefully harmed and experimented on (without knowledge), or made to fight in unwarranted circumstances.

I give credit where credit is due, and expect apologies and restitution as far as possible when we’ve gone astray.  I’ve never been a nationalist.  I give no allegiance to the place of my birth without question.  I live with justice and integrity to the best of my ability, and expect the same of my leaders and others who purport to act in my name.

I don’t know if war is necessary, but it’s certainly easy.  It’s so much harder to bridge differences through compromise and consensus – freely chosen.  That’s the world I desire, and that’s the world I’m working toward.




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