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America is such a screwed-up country, and I don’t know who or what is ‘right’, but we’re wildly out of balance.  If you read comments under any political statement on the web, what people say about their fellow citizens is so harsh.  Can’t afford medical insurance? – then you should die.  There are people who utter and write that kind of uncompassionate tripe, whether they believe it or not.  Would they say that about their parents, or their children?  If they would, then they are psychotic and should be medicated and/or institutionalized.

We can’t afford care for all, or food for all, or housing for all – under the current system.  I don’t agree with philosophies that rule from the top down.  Theocracy is totalitarian rule, and is usually more repressive/regressive than other forms of governance.  I’d rather be ruled by an atheist dictator than one who purports to follow the orders of some unverifiable/unknowable ‘god’.   There is no Utopia.  All forms of governance are fraught with missteps and corruption.  I like the idea of a council with elected members – all of whom have a publicly funded budget for their campaigns, and that’s it.  Now that we have a plutocracy where funding comes from undisclosed sources in an organization, political influence can now be, and probably is, from outside the United States as well as from multi-billion dollar corporations.

Mitt Romney and the Republican party want to make the poor poorer by taking away programs that barely help them, as well as making them pay more tax, while greatly reducing, if not eliminating, taxes on the wealthy.

Eventually, the people will revolt as poverty increases in the United States to the level of third world countries, if it’s not there already.  Pockets of the citizenry are doing what they can to keep rights for the labor class – and while unions need reforming and more flexibility – they are also important to keep rapacious business practices at bay.

I remember hearing that while I’m preaching to the choir, even the choir needs practice.




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6 thoughts on “Political Ruminations”

  1. Jerri, Let’s not mistake docile for ignorance and mindlessness. Though many seem docile I don’t think the majority have a clue they are submitting to a form of slavery. We’re being taken hostage one step at a time and unless we’re really aware and paying attention to what’s happening, it goes unnoticed. People believe what they’re told because it’s easier than asking questions and searching for truth.
    Most are so busy playing games and being mesmerized by their electronic equipment and the entertainment industry, they don’t see what’s right in front of them. It’s a sad state of affairs and I wonder often what it will take to wake up the citizens..
    Who knows where it will all end. It is scary, not to the point where I lose sleep over it, but because I have a grave concern over our state of being.

    1. Yeah, I think a lot of people are tuned out, and constant media has shortened our already wandering attention spans. I don’t know what will wake people up either, and it’s hard to be one of the few insomniacs out here who is also paying attention! I take what action I can, and I guess that’s the best I can do! I’m glad to have company, as always. ♥ Jerri

  2. It is a sad state of affairs out there. In fact, it’s scary. I shudder to think what will happen if Romney gets elected. I think we’ll be pretty much fucked. It is so obvious he has no use for the poor, blacks, women’s programs, other nationalities, and the middle class. Why would people vote for someone like him is beyond me. Perhaps, it’s because of the big thing he has in his favor, which is he is a white male.

    1. I agree with you on the white male thing, Brenda! Romney is such a creep! I feel like if people remember how he had his sick dog in the roof top car-carrier while he and his family drove hundreds of miles, they would know what a compassion-less jerk he is. When I recently read the story about him bullying a school-mate in high school, and holding the kid down and cutting his hair, I know the horrible person we’d have as a leader. He was Governor of my state, and while I think the health-care initiative he pushed through while in office proved to be better than worse, he was not a beloved Governor by any stretch of the imagination. The Wisconsin outcome depressed me, but the Koch brothers bought that election. They outspent the other candidate by an enormous margin. We’ll see what happens come November! Hang in there, and so will I!!

      1. If only the majority had an understanding of what the Koch brothers are all about. They’re buying many elections and may buy this upcoming one also..
        As Bill Maher keeps saying, “Americans are stupid.” We see the results of putting these right wing conservatives in office and we keep putting them back in. I’m not Republican or Democrat but I certainly can see when a candidate is against everything I hold dear, such as womens rights, caring for the poor and the elderly, and health care.

      2. I’m an Independent too, Brenda, and when I see Florida dumping people off of the voter roles, and all the horrendous tricks dirty politicians and their supporters do, right under our nose, I’m astounded that people are not rioting in the streets. Will we have a Tiananmen Square situation here in the United States soon? How long before blinding, astoundingly concentrated pepper spray, and rubber bullets become real bullets? Kent State all over again? Why are we soooooooo docile in the face of our dying democracy?

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