Construction Criticism

My apartment building has been the site of major street reconstruction and infrastructure upgrade.  Someone down the street had natural gas installed in their home, so a new line, or updated line, had to go in, where they discovered that the sewer line needed to be upgraded as well.

Unfortunately, the sewer line runs directly under my apartment building, and I live on the first floor.  I am happy for those guys that have jobs, I just wish they didn’t have to be at it so early!

I woke up and heard noise outside the window and saw the bucket of the back-hoe loader lift up, like the imagined maw of a Tyrannosaurus-Rex.  It was a very surreal and scary experience, and made me infinitely grateful that those beasts no longer roam the Earth.  I was a bit worried about my window being accidentally smashed, so I moved away from the window after taking a few snapshots:

One of the upsides, and something I have written about before, is my serendipitous/mystical heart sightings/gifts.  The construction crew is done on the right side of the house, and now they’re working on the left side.  I looked out the right-hand side window this morning to see this embedded in the ground below:




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