Mike Isn’t That Magic

I went to see Magic Mike with some girlfriends this afternoon.  I’m grateful I only lost $5.50 and an hour or so of my time.  Yeah, we left the movie early.  I was so happy when my one of my friends said she wouldn’t be opposed to leaving, to which our other friend heartily agreed.  I figured it would exploit women over men (lots of gratuitous boob shots, commentary), but even the men’s dancing was a snore.  I knew it would be a fluff piece – it’s about male exotic dancing, after all.  But one part of the male anatomy (and we know we’re talking about a sweet looking ass here because penises are not all that pleasant-looking), is not enough to make a compelling movie.  It might make a salacious half-hour, but that’s about it.  After that, you really need a plot line – a better plot line than they came up with.  Sadly, Cody Horn‘s role was wasted in this movie.  She tried valiantly to save the movie with her acceptable acting, but her efforts were in vain.  I hope she gets higher quality roles in the future.  Channing Tatum is good-looking, and moves well, which is why my friends and I stayed a half-hour longer than we would have based on the rest of the movie.  Matthew McConaughey tries to cash in on his ‘pretty-boy’ persona, but ‘pretty-boy turned business-shark’ doesn’t ring true in this performance.  You would swear the dialogue was cut and pasted from some High School freshman’s plagiarized English paper, while an attempt to distract you with a bait and switched ‘tits and ass’ maneuver happens in front of you.  “Hey, don’t look at how bad our movie is, here’s some more gratuitous soft porn!”

Yeah, save your money for fireworks this weekend which will thrill you far more than this movie could ever hope to.




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