Playing Dress-Up

I would have so many pretty dresses and outfits if I could afford it.  I’ve learned to shop at thrift stores fairly well, and I’m lucky to have friends who often have nice hand-me-downs.  Every once in a while I’m able to splurge and buy something new, but usually I drool over clothes I’d like to have.

I saw this dress at ModCloth:

and think it’s sweet, but I’m not sure it’s the right colors for me.  I think these sandals would work with the dress for casual wear:

or maybe these for a more dressy occasion:

Another casual dress I liked from ModCloth is this flower-patterned sun dress, and while it’s not currently for sale, it’s one you can vote on in their ‘Be The Buyer’ section:

I like these dressier sandals for this dress:

Although these are nice too, for a softer look:

I enjoy trying to accessorize for different effects.  Costuming is another aspect of theater that I learned about in the director’s workshop I took, and maybe I should consider being a clothing buyer as a profession as well?

May you stay cool if you’re somewhere hot (as it is here in Western MA), or find the right temperature for you wherever you are!  Cheers.




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  1. I’m not usually into fashion but I think you have excellent taste in clothes and bet you would look great in those. Stay cool yourself.

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