Despite the tears,

despite my fear,

despite the odds against me;

I will not stop, though I falter

I will not retreat, even if daunted.

A horizon lies before me – a goal to reach, if not to breach.

I don’t feel strong, and sometimes long

for the journey to be over.

And in the pit of grief,

the pitch-black surroundings,

I feel the light within me.

I am the only one of me that there will ever be,

I will not let you define me.




© seekingsearchingmeaning (aka Hermionejh) and Life On Earth’s Blog, 2010 – infinity.

Author: Hermionejh

Laughter is my drug.

6 thoughts on “Despite”

  1. WHOA, I do believe you wrote that specifcally for me. Going through the nastiest divorce from an abuser. Life is mostly black, but there is that little spark that keeps me hanging on, for no obvious reason whatsoever.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear about the hell happening in your life, but glad that spark is there – it’s a tenacious spark, isn’t it? 🙂 Hang in there Renee (as though there’s any other real choice?) Hugs to you, and hopes for a quick and safe passage to better days/life. ♥ Jerri

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