Taste Testing Chocolate

Dove Dark Chocolate bar
The winner! Dove Dark Chocolate bar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I bought a dark chocolate Cadbury candy bar, and a dark chocolate Dove candy bar and decided to compare them.  The Dove dark chocolate is at least two shades darker than the Cadbury, and Dove definitely wins for taste and smoothness.  The Cadbury bar is much sweeter, and not as fine as the Dove bar.

Neither of the candy bars say the percentage of dark chocolate in them, but I’d venture that the Dove chocolate bar is over fifty-percent dark chocolate.  I am not a fan of chocolate bars with over seventy-percent cocoa.

If you like chocolate, I encourage you to try Dove and Cadbury dark chocolate side by side and tell me what you think!




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4 thoughts on “Taste Testing Chocolate”

  1. Thanks for being a taste tester. All I buy is dark chocolate but have never bought either brand. I’ll have to try both and see which I like best.

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