Plainly Rainy

The rain came down, softly at first.  A gentle drizzle, my face thinly misted as I walked out to collect the recycle bins from the curb.  The rain began in earnest as I headed back toward my porch, quickening my steps ahead of the downpour.

A dense fog bank hangs low over the hills, making their height appear uniform, and looking more like a greenery stockade wall surrounding my town than rolling westward hills.  Summer has been retreating steadily, although the weather remains warm to hot most days.

I hated putting on jeans instead of shorts today, and the sneakers I squeezed my feet into are an affront to my normally flip-flop shod feet.  I could still wear my flip-flops or sandals, but they spray the water from the sidewalk up onto the back of my pants with each footfall.  No, thanks!




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Author: Hermionejh

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6 thoughts on “Plainly Rainy”

  1. I’m actually looking forward to wearing jeans for a change, but I agree on the footwear. Tying shoes is just way too time-consuming.

    1. Lol, Al. It is time-consuming, but then again, I’m spoiled! I definitely have more clothes for cooler weather, and I’ll stop pouting soon enough and get into the season! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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