More Interesting Times

I’ve been talking with several women friends over the last few weeks who I’ve found in nearly the same position as I am.  Financials are terrible, prospects dim – and none of us are blaming President Obama.  We’re smart enough to understand that the republicans in Congress had a mandate to make President Obama a one-term President, and I hope they’re wrong.  Mitt Romney would be a ghastly choice as President.  The republicans in Congress have consistently blocked legislation, have not worked on jobs, as they said they would, and this hell we’re currently in started a long time ago.  Who was the last President to balance the budget?  Bill Clinton.  The wars we’ve been in, and are still in, the tax cuts for the rich, regulation repeal, and Citizen’s United vs. The Federal Election Commission, along with an already dire need for campaign finance reform before that disastrous Citizen’s United decision sided with corporations and made political spending – made money – a form of ‘free speech’, have all contributed to the place we’re now in.

Republican leaders know that there is no way America would elect Mitt Romney, so they’ve changed voter laws in many states where republicans are in power.  Of course, the changed voter rules make it disproportionately harder for minorities and those with low-incomes to vote.  Voter suppression is far more dangerous to our democracy than voter fraud, of which there is little, even though it does happen.  It also happens with all parties and not with one political faction.

Democracy requires vigilance, but when you have campaign money flowing like never before from large companies who no longer have to disclose their donors, and from individuals like the Koch brothers who can lose a million dollars and not notice, the requirements of maintaining a healthy democracy are seriously impinged – which, of course, is the new republican strategy.  Those hate-filled extremists seek to re-institute ‘unfettered capitalism’, with an added dose of theocracy.  Because we all miss the days when there were no labor laws keeping our children out of factories and coal mines, etc., and back when companies could dump raw sewage and toxic chemicals wherever they wanted because no one was stopping them.  Ah, yes, those were the days…  Combining a free-for-all market with theocracy will be a powerful cocktail to help keep the lowly from rising up, at least until another revolution happens.  It’s a short step to say that GOD wants you where you are in life or you would have been born rich, or able to otherwise succeed.  And why wouldn’t those with power and money want that?  They’ll never have to pay the piper, and nor will their successive generations with their trust funds and iron grip on the nation.  It’s only the middle class and the poor who will suffer even more.

I wonder how many people know about the Mormon mandate to take over the United States Government?  It is the only religion with that express purpose.  Other religions try to inject their beliefs into legislation, and would like to make America a theocracy on principle, but Mormon leaders indoctrinate their followers to believe that Mormons will rule America.  I don’t care what people personally believe, but when they try to legislate their fanaticism, that’s when it gets ugly.

Are people paying attention to what’s been happening?  Birth control, abortion rights, equal pay for equal work – all on the line!  Stopping that crazy train is of utmost importance, and that requires participation in our democracy by voting, being politically educated, and actively supporting candidates who will fight to retain the rights that were already fought and died over.  We’re not going back to those dark times, not if I can help it.




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  1. I see everything you see and I intend to exercise my right to vote. My husband and I are in shock and awe every single night when we watch Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow because we have a hard time believing people are so sound asleep and politically ignorant.
    Why would any woman, gay person, Latino, Asian or Mexican person, senior citizen, or the indigent vote for Romney? Every time I see him and Ryan all I can think of is, “liar, liar, pants on fire.”

    1. I know! It’s because those people are single issue voters, usually. It’s really sad, and so much about the system could be better, but we have what we have until the right mix of momentum, willingness, and action comes together. I’d love to see positive change in my lifetime, but we’ll see! Thanks for commenting. Jerri

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