Post Show Day

My desktop computer died yesterday and I have a bunch of important files on the hard drive.  I had been migrating files over to a separate hard drive, but hadn’t gotten all of them, and not the most recent ones.  The desktop PC was my work computer while the laptop computer I’m typing from was my travel computer.  Now I’m super paranoid that this one is going to fail me too.

I had my internet speed reduced, thereby reducing my monthly bill by half, but webpage access is much slower, and download times are close to dial-up.  I think I’ll have to go to a library, or some other public venue when I want to download something so it won’t take half a day, and I can work on other stuff at the same time.

My band had our first job at a local nightclub, and it was so fun.  I wish I had given a perfect performance, but I’m so good at screwing up I decided to make it a regular feature in my work, besides, our band name is Trainwreck, so you could say I was obliging our name. 😉  I could pretend I’m like those people who mess things up on purpose because they feel that only ‘god’ should do things perfectly (twisted logic, but I suppose it works for them).

Here’s a link to a short video clip one of my friends took of me singing some of Wild Horses:

Two of my friends were dancing silly and they cracked me up while I was singing, which you’ll hear, but I have to get used to not reacting to that kind of stuff!  The song was recorded at the end of the night and I think you can hear that in my voice as well, but some of you have asked me to post clips when I had them, so there you go!  There might be more coming because another friend was shooting some video of the gig last night too.

Now that the pressure’s off, I’m hoping I’ll sleep better tonight.  Cheers!




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8 thoughts on “Post Show Day”

  1. Oh my gosh. You gorgeous creature, you. I love this, love your voice, love the way you look, and like the song also. Thank you for sharing this. Awesome.

    1. Thanks so much, Brenda! It was a great night!! I’ve really been enjoying being in a band, and hope we continue to improve and add to our song base, as well as create some originals! Jerri

    1. Lol, thank you, Al! I’ll have to see if I can post a video clip when the play is over. I just got the role of Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire! It’s so exciting! 🙂 Jerri

      1. Well, that’s Stella’s man, and he unfortunately rapes Blanche, but, yeah, he kinda does look like Brando (at least in build – the strong, stocky type)! He did very well in the audition, really making it easier for me to play against him. We’ll have to talk about the difficult scenes, and de-compress every night because it’s pretty intense. In a way, it’s super good therapy too – even though that sounds counter-intuitive – because I’m acting, so I’m choosing the emotional intensity, rather than being a true victim.

      2. Thanks Al! We had our first read through tonight, and it was great to meet the entire cast. I’ll post more as it progresses! Thanks for your interest and support. ❤

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