October – Surprise!

I was just getting used to it being September.  This happens every year.  I’m not a good planner.  After the holidays – which I consider Halloween to be the start of – I always intend to get a jump on the new year, and plan out the holiday season.  I think I’ll plan a Halloween party, or try to get a group together to go somewhere interesting, like Salem, MA, for the day.  And then, I think I’ll be better prepared for Thanksgiving, and have a new dish to bring, and invariably I spend the day before running around to just get a pie or two made, never mind experimenting with a new recipe for the holiday.  Then our family Christmas gathering will be upon us, and then Christmas Day with my son.  I wonder what that will be like this year because he doesn’t live at home anymore?  Maybe he’ll gift me with his presence this holiday!  Hope springs eternal – and speaking of spring – I didn’t even do my fall cleaning, never mind what spring expects!  Oh, but, summer, I can hardly wait for that!  I want to have some lake-side parties, and a couple of beach days, and before I know it, autumn will be here again.  Darn, I had wanted to have a scarecrow making day with a group of friends.  Oh well, maybe next year.  Wait!  It’s only October 2nd!  I have plenty of time…




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12 thoughts on “October – Surprise!”

    1. Well, if you go, let me know and maybe I could meet you there! I’ve been to Salem a few times. I’ve heard that the best time to go is the week before or after Halloween when it’s not so crowded. 🙂

  1. Sure you have a lot of time….say I…. We’re moving the end of October and when I think of what has to be done before that it is mind boggling….Hope your son will come home this year for the Christmas holidays…How far away is he? Diane

    1. Thanks Diane, and I hope your move goes well! My son lives just under two hours away, so it’s not too bad. I usually like the drive there and back. Time has a way of slipping by barely noticed – and I’m trying to not let it! Cheers. Jerri

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