Autumn Again

Montague, MA

Shuffling through the fallen leaves, the smell of wood smoke hangs on the frigid air as we sniff to catch the scent more completely.  The laughter of my friends makes the chill more bearable as we view the bright stars dotting the canvas of an unclouded night sky, on a perfect autumn evening, so many years ago.

It’s easy to forget that not everything was wonderful or simple when seen through the deceptive mist of time.  But here, now, while I miss my group of friends from back then, I look out my window and see the outline of my scarecrow and the two fat pumpkins I’ll soon carve.  Apples and cinnamon scent the apartment, and somehow make the night feel less lonely, in spite of being alone.




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Author: Hermionejh

Laughter is my drug.

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