It Snowed

Two days ago I awoke to find it was snowing!  There was about an inch of snow on the ground, and it continued snowing throughout the morning, although not much more accumulated.  I hadn’t been feeling very festive, but the snow helped re-create that sense of fun as I remembered past snow-ventures with my son.  Sledding, skiing, making snowmen, and forts; having snowball fights, and coming in later to make big mugs of hot chocolate while our outer wear (and usually socks as well) got strewn over all the radiators throughout the house to dry.  I have fond memories of steam radiators for precisely that reason.  The hissing release valves signaled warmth to me, regardless of their design intention.

I miss having my son with me.  This year is harder than last, probably because my son told me he’s only going to stay for our extended family gathering a couple of days before Christmas, and then he’s heading back to his apartment.  Christmas is pretty much just another day because I’m not a follower of anything except the days growing longer again, but having a child to celebrate the spirit of generosity and cheer to lighten the dark days was always welcome.  I liked having a Christmas tree, but can’t afford one this year, which is just as well because it’s only me now.  I’ll decorate the room with my silver and gold garlands and maybe make a wreath for the door.

I still enjoy Christmas music, it really does help to ‘make the season bright’.  I like eggnog and sugar cookies, and especially appreciate the few hours spent with my family exchanging gifts and sharing a meal.  I’m thankful for these traditions that connects my family, and joins us to the larger world in those celebrations as well.  Although I always say ‘Merry Christmas’ on December 25th, I prefer Happy Holidays because I include all those who celebrate their various traditions this time of year, and recognize that even ‘Christmas’ was co-opted from the Earth-centered celebrations of old in an effort to extinguish those earlier ‘pagan’ beliefs.  Thank Goddess it didn’t work!

Happy All-The-Days WordPress friends! Cheers! 🙂




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