Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

There are hundreds of family pictures I looked through while searching for photographs for this challenge, and other pictures of places and things that fill my heart, and love is such a vast topic that it was difficult to narrow down.

Love is more of an essence, permeating every area of my life, through every cell and fiber of my being, and, in its finest sense, love is beyond example or explanation.  As I looked at the pictures I have on my laptop I’m posting with now, a few hit the center of my heart: one of my mother and I that I took when we were at one of my favorite lakes a couple of summers ago, and one of my son and I at his High School graduation:


Austen & me, June 2009




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7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love”

  1. That’s pretty much what my Mum thought as well, too much like hard work, though she did enjoy recalling the good old days, but she too thought she had more time than it actually transpired.
    Now I’ve got a load of photos that no one can tell me anything about ( some of which include me when i was a baby, which is a bummer ).
    I’m glad you’re spending some quality time with your Mum, it’s really nice… and we won’t talk about memory.. doooh 😀 xxx

  2. Pictures can pull at your heart strings with such ferocity sometimes Jerri. the memories they bring back, the feelings they awake in your heart can be overwhelming sometimes
    I have a load of pictures from my Mum’s house of her family when they were all young, some in colour, but a load in black and white.
    Strangely it’s the black and white ones that get to me most, the pictures of innocence, of hope in their eyes, the casual ones where they are just living for the day, and blow tomorrow.
    It would be great if there was a way to step back into these pictures and to be able to interact with the people in them, share their memories now it’s too late to ask them in person.
    Your pctures are good too Jerri,you do look like your mum, mini me indeed 🙂
    Hope all is ok with you,
    love n hugs

    1. Thanks for your response, Nick. Yes, black and white pictures seem to have a deeper effect on me too, maybe for me because I’m family, but our connection was too far back to have known one another directly. If they’re out in a spirit world that can perceive this one, I hope they are glad with the family’s progress, or current path. It’s funny because I bet my mother would hate this picture of her, but I just see her beauty, and our connection. I’m trying to appreciate her whilst she’s still present and available. I know I could go before she does, but chances are that she’ll die before me – and I know she wants it that way, but I don’t want her to ever go! That’s the tough aspect of this world, but I suppose it’s a mercy in a sense too. Cheers, Nick, and thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

      1. Make the most of her whilst you can Jerri, talk to her, get to know her, what she really likes and loves, favourite colours, favourite memories, all the stupid little things that you take for granted, because gone is gone.
        Once all that knowledge is lost, there is no way to get it back.
        I had so many questions I wanted to ask my mum before she died. Sadly I only asked a few even though I had a great big list, but she got cheesed off answering my questions, and we never got round to completing it.
        Another stupid thing is pictures and more importantly video.
        Pictures tell the story of the instant they are taken, video IS that person living, breathing, laughing, talking, being them for the short time that they are being filmed.
        I only took a few short clips of video of my mum, and it is one of the biggest regrets I have.. It was just something I never thought about until it was too late.
        You are right, it is one of the tough aspects of life, but that’s just what it is.. the natural progression of life.
        Thanks for your thought too Jerri, and sorry to go on, I’ll try not to do it again promise 🙂
        love n hugs

      2. I don’t mind your ‘going on’ Nick. 🙂 It’s true that I’ll have fewer regrets the more present I am with my mom, although I will miss her when she’s gone regardless. I’ve already asked a lot about her past, and we’ve gone hot-tubbing, and I spend time with her, but not enough, and she often dismisses my questions as more work than they’re worth answering, sadly. I think part of that is her thought that she has plenty of time for all that, but we really don’t – and memory starts to fade, even if we do live a long time. Thanks for your input! Jerri

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