Top Ten Why I Don’t Drive So Fast Anymore

10. Wanting to join the hypermilers.


9. Avoiding those damn squirrels is harder the faster you’re going.

8. Having to brake for a line of just moving cars after hitting all the other green lights on that road.

I didn’t expect this!

7. Stupid people in rotaries, traffic circles, or roundabouts

Taking control of the traffic circle?

6. Speeding tickets.

Kid gets speeding ticket
Kid gets speeding ticket

5. Insurance rates going up.


4. Hitting potholes at 50 mph.

Dum de, dum de, dum de, – AHHHHH!

3. Getting the finger from the normally sweet dog-walker lady on my road.

Slow down! _

2. Hydro-planing isn’t just a fun-sounding activity.

And the #1 reason for no longer driving so fast:

I no longer have a car.


Author: Hermionejh

Laughter is my drug.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Why I Don’t Drive So Fast Anymore”

    1. Yes, I agree that driving is a privilege, and I also see the pros in not having a car for sure! When you’re out in the sticks with limited public transit, it can make life far more challenging, but still doable!
      Thanks for commenting, and that’s great that you’ve been vehicle-less for so many years successfully! Cheers. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, and I hope you enjoyed it. I just listened to your banjo playing & it’s lovely, and a very familiar tune! Cheers. 🙂

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