Can’t Get Here Fast Enough

Soon, these will grace the front garden again.
Soon, these will grace the front garden again.

Spring.  Warm, earthy, noisy Spring!  Typically, winter passes, melding into spring, and often, too soon into the hot weather without much fanfare, but this year, I need a parade!

I have the ridiculous desire to get out and rid the yard of snow, but I know it’s nitrogen for the soil – ‘poor man’s fertilizer’ – as I’ve heard.  This year I’ve obsessed mostly on the roof snow leaving, as if that’s somehow the harbinger of winter’s end.

I saw myself somewhat objectively after several days of roof viewing, and shook my head at my newest compulsion – as though my observation increases the snow’s decrease. Quantum physics holds that observation changes a thing, but the effect must also be on a quantum level as all the stupid snow did was mock me for the last few weeks by seeming not to budge.

Complaining doesn’t change a damn thing, but I read or listen to all the grousing about the weather with silent, but insincere, repudiation because I want the motherfucking winter over too – probably worse than they do!




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6 thoughts on “Can’t Get Here Fast Enough”

    1. Thank you Renee! What part of the country are you in? Here in Western MA it feels like winter is trying to hang on – it snowed about a half-inch today. My son has had it worse in Boston this year, and it’s so much harder to clear snow in a city, so I do have some gratitude – but I’ll have even more when the temperature stays well above freezing! 🙂

    1. Thank you, lilypup! I’m so glad it’s spring, and I love how beautifully green the land gets in May. I wonder if that’s why emerald is May’s gemstone? It fits at any rate! I hope your Spring is wonderful too! 🙂

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