Online Concerns

An account at an online drugstore that I rarely used – and thankfully didn’t store my financial information – was hacked, and the person tried to purchase something using their name and financials, but using my email.  I got a notice from the company that I had changed my information and to contact them if it wasn’t me, so I tried to log in, but they changed my password, and I contacted the site admin immediately and they cancelled and blocked my account, but then either the same person, people, bot? tried to change my Twitter account to their name and another password using my email, and I’m not sure why?

Maybe they wanted to spam anyone who follows me?  They can try to spam anyone without gaining access to my account.  I do my best not to store any financial information online, always asking any place I purchase from to remove any sensitive information.

I signed up for a healthcare portal at my doctor’s office, and when I accessed it, it was creepy seeing all my health information displayed.  Who else is looking at that?

Being able to check my bank account, or update my healthcare information, or make purchases online is so convenient and easy, but how vulnerable are we making ourselves?

Groups like Anonymous have shown that they can hack into the most allegedly secure sites, so what chance do I stand?  I’m sure my beliefs and activism pisses off plenty of people, but I feel like I’m one of the decent folks – trying to keep our society more free, our air breathable, our water drinkable – and accessible – and our food edible and nutritious, and I don’t try to hack into accounts to make a point, or steal from them.

I don’t have a specific god, but I’m spiritual, and that alone is enough for radicals to wish me dead, or at least silenced.  They follow fear rather than love and goodwill.

I’ve noticed followers on my blog that only want to sell something, and hits from countries known for hacking, and maybe these folks, if they are people and not bots, genuinely like or enjoy what I write, and I apologize if I’m wrong, but my sense is they have no interest in my thoughts.

If anyone reading this has dealt with online attacks, and staying safe online, or just has experience to share, I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you, and I hope you all have safe and kind online presence.  Cheers.




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2 thoughts on “Online Concerns”

  1. Online horror experience:
    My ex-husband opened an account on “adult friend finder” and advertised my contacts for “menage a trois”. Suffice to say that I got spammed left right and center. And then found my contacts being advertised on all kinds of websites. Talk about deliberate maliciousness.

    I still have hacking attempts on my email, FB etc. I keep changing passwords every 3-4 months, never use the same passwords in succession, require authentication by sms if logging in from a new browser / location etc. I have backup email accounts from which I can access or recover my accounts if they are somehow successfully hacked.

    The thing is most websites online that take and store your information, want to make it easy for you to stay safe online and if you spend time on the privacy options, then it’s quite easy to decide how much information you are comfortable sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Arman. That sucks. I made the mistake of clicking through on a link years ago and having malware infect my computer. I also found out printers can be infected by malware – anything operated by a program, I guess? I wish people didn’t have nefarious intent when spam is bad enough. I will definitely check my security profiles on sites I sign up for for now on. Cheers to you my friend. 🙂

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