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An employee organizes clothing at an Old Navy Inc. store in Santa Monica, California, U.S., on Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013. The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index, a survey which measures attitudes about the economy, is scheduled to be released on Oct. 10. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Does anyone else get anxious going into a clothing store?  I like clothes, adore cute styles, patterns, textures, and varied material, but I ordered shorts online, and they were too big – a happy problem, for sure – but going to the store to try to find the right size was a freakish experience.

Shopping has never been my favorite past time, but I was struck with too many possibilities, and yet, variety is the spice of clothing!  Maybe it wasn’t having a lot of time to wander around and try on everything that caught my eye, but it felt visually overwhelming.

Would I look good in those cute sailboat pattern Capri pants?  What about the palm tree print?  Oooo, the flowered cut-offs?  Wait, that pretty star-spangled skirt is so cute!

Oh, do I even have a shirt to go with it?  Well, hold on, I’m just here to switch the cute flower-patterned khaki linen shorts I got, and I can either stick with those or choose one of these others.  Oh, no, I can’t.  I got the shorts because they were significantly marked down, and all the other things I’d like are full-price.  Maybe there’ll still be a few items at the end of the season.

The thought of the end of the season depresses me further, because time moves faster now that I’m older, and then I’m enervated and look for the right size shorts, which of course they don’t have, and the sales lady suggests I go online and maybe they’ll waive the shipping fee if I find the size I want, but in the meantime, is there anything else she can sell me, uh, show me?

My S.O. watches my changing state from our store entrance to our store exit, and he’s learned to not say anything, but takes my hand, and kisses my cheek.

What I need is a personal shopper – who works for free. Ha, ha, ha, ha.




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