Treading Darkness

I’m fighting ending my life today.  I don’t know why I’m being pulled to leave, exactly, but I can’t seem to climb out.

After 24 medication trials in the last decade or so, you’d think I’d have found something that worked – but not so for this ginger.

My son needs me here for as long as life keeps me.  My significant other wants me to live, and so do family and friends.

I wish I did.

Author: Hermionejh

Laughter is my drug.

13 thoughts on “Treading Darkness”

  1. Hang in there…. I want you to live too because I need you to give me strength & understanding when I find none within myself. Stay on… for all of us. Please don’t leave yet.

    1. Thank you Arman. xo I appreciate your kind words. I know it’s a short trip, but sometimes feels untenable, but I am keeping on. One day at a time!! xo

      1. You too!! I’ve learned some things to change in my routine, and my ‘thought illness’, that like many illnesses, won’t get better without intervention! xo Hugs and love to you. xo

    1. Thank you, Brenda. I keep thinking of my beautiful son, and my partner, and you, and Arman, and other friends and family who really do make being in the world doable. xo Much love, Jerri

    1. Wow, Tom! Too bad my insurance wouldn’t cover it! I also found out about magnetic therapy and how it has helped folks like me who are medication resistant or intolerant. I am keeping on, and know there are good aspects to being alive, and I will probably be surprised by how short it all was whenever my natural end is near… Much love to you, cos – and I appreciate your love and kindness. xo

    1. Thank you Stacey. I know there is light to hold onto, and you, and Tom, and so many friends and loved ones really do care. xo I appreciate the warmth and love I’ve been getting, and have to figure out how to give it to myself before the big drops happen. xo Jerri

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