The Timing Sucks

Several years ago, when my son was in his late teens, karaoke was getting popular again, and I started going nearly every week. I used to go with my friends weekly back in the late 80’s. We had so much fun then, but life happens and we moved on, and karaoke fell out of favor for a few decades.

Getting back into it was a blast, and it was free! I made friends with several regular singers, and we began spending time at each other’s houses, or going dancing, or on a road trip, and it was a great distraction when my son headed off to college – even though it didn’t cease my depression or PTSD.

We lasted several years as a group, but little by little it fell apart – although karaoke is still going strong – so we come together for that once in a while now.

Karaoke turns out not to be a great basis for lasting friendships, sadly, and worse, my drinking increased, and even worse, my personality change when drinking nearly caused my S.O. & I to break up several times.

I know I have a problem because while quitting is easy, it’s the staying quit that’s hard. As Mark Twain quipped about quitting smoking: ‘… it’s easy! I’ve done it thousands of times.’

Seeing a video of me drunk was uncomfortable, but it gave me the boost I needed to stop.

Sadly, I’ll miss all the drinking games every time the President says something stupid, but then I’d never be sober, and I need to focus…




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Author: Hermionejh

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7 thoughts on “The Timing Sucks”

  1. For the first time ever…. I am trying to quit smoking… as of today actually after I finished smoking my last pack of cigarettes. It’s been 20 years of nearly a pack a day (sometimes more) habit and I now hate the way I feel. I just hope I stay quit 😉

    1. Yay! That’s excellent, Arman! It’s so tough to quit. When I quit smoking it was the hardest thing I ever did, but I’ve been a non-smoker for over 20 years now!

      1. I’m sorry to hear that. You have a new chance every day! Yay! 🙂 Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, bar none. Hang in there, girlfriend! xo

  2. Your last word makes it so easy, focusing and moving on the right way is the utmost importance, am glad you have realized how wrong it is to always be a drunk….

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