Another Perspective

I can continue to be tunnel-visioned, or I can take the long view, and the long view is that my friends didn’t seek to harm me with their votes or their perspective, regardless of the actuality.

Yeah, I have to fight harder to keep equilibrium and try to keep our Democratic Republic, but their ignorance is just that – not malice.

They see all things from their religious perspective, and that blinds them to the long view, but the long view is still wrapped in their dogma, whether they choose to see it or not.

The fabled Jesus overturned the tables of the money-changers, saying: “It is written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it ‘a den of robbers.’” – Matthew 21:12-13 NIV

So the long view shouldn’t be on whether their elected officials will vote to try to stop abortion, but on who they are – on their fruits – and their fruits are rotten.

There is separation of Church and State in our country, and I realize they are working to end that, but it shouldn’t be eroded. We have a unique position in the world that we are not forced to anything, but come to choose freely. If they make our nation a theocracy, we become subjugated, regardless of our beliefs, and often forced to live a lie.

Religious people are free to practice their faiths, but not to demand anyone else do so, and if they could see the beauty of this system of checks and balances, they’d want the corruption out of our nation.

They’d fight to end Citizen’s United – to get money, that root of all evil, out of politics. Then we could have true stewards of our nation again. We could vote in actual public servants rather than the current corruption we’re witness to.

Yeah, there will always be those seeking power, and ways to game the system, but there won’t be so many, and disallowing corporations as ‘people’, and foreign money from campaigns, will help greatly in getting back to sanity.

This didn’t start with how any of us voted this past election. This started when money became king, when banks started writing the rules, when the Supreme Court decided Citizen’s United vs. the FEC.

Meanwhile, love surpasses all things.

My struggle is about acceptance vs. approval. I need to accept the loss of solidarity I thought I had with those friends and focus on our commonalities – on what made us friends, or like each other to begin with. We support each other in every day struggles. We laugh, cry, and enjoy each others’ company. We trust that underneath conflict is kindness and care, and our connection contains more healing than hurt.




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2 thoughts on “Another Perspective”

  1. I don’t have very many friends..almost none at the moment. But none of them are religious “christians” or batshit insane orange shitgibbon supporters.

    Even so, I still shudder when people I know spend their money at Hobby Lobby. It’s not because these people are religious, or believe in Citizens United, but simply because they don’t care. It doesn’t matter to them that they are supporting a festering pustule of sanctimonious misogynist hypocritical bastards. Even in this age of Amazon instant gratification, if Hobby Lobby has something they want RIGHT NOW, they will drive over there and get it. This sort of lah di dah complacency is one reason why it is so difficult to effect change in this spoiled and overfed country.

    Anyways, I don’t hate on people for that stupid shit, but I will voice my opinion. If I see something, I say something. I don’t have many principles but those I do have, I defend to my dying breath.

    1. Well said, Afan, and I so agree! I appreciate your thoughts, and absolutely see that we’re spoiled, overfed, & complacent. I also voice my opinion, and will defend my principles to my dying breath too! I’ve got a lot of acquaintances, but few friends, and I’m glad I know you, even though we never meet in person these days. xo

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