That Dog Don’t Hunt

We have been warning about electronic voting and vote switching. America has repudiated Trump, no matter what the media, or pundits say.

2020 is the most terrible year many of us have ever lived through.

Votes were switched, as it has been shown since Bush v Gore, and has continued – over and over since then – and it was done easily, and without much protest.

We are wiser now. We must get out in the streets and call our legislators and support all efforts to return to hand-marked paper ballots.

Paper ballots are the only sure way to know the will of the people, and they can be secured. I’d rather have a cumbersome election than live in a banana republic.

There is no way the people of America, who repudiated the current occupant of the White House by over 3 million votes in 2016, but the electoral college gave it to him anyway, and Americans who have been in the streets demanding change ever since, and came out to vote in numbers never seen in our country – there is no way those votes went to Trump.

If we are to get our country back, which is unlikely, (but what other choice do we have but to keep protesting & resisting the fascists?), we cannot give up. We must make sure paper ballots are once again instituted.

I am sad for my country today. I am sorry that the election was stolen for a charlatan. We did not vote for this, it was stolen.

We have work to do, so let’s get to it.




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Author: Hermionejh

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