Those With Eyes To See

Americans are too soft to revolt en masse.  The People will never take the Declaration of Independence at its word and institute a new form of Government before it’s too late.  The warnings echo through time, and whenever ‘official’ versions of horrifying events get questioned, those daring to point out contradictions are shamed, being reviled as insane or stupid, thereby prejudging and dismissing anyone else with the temerity to speak out after that.

Just label questionable events, whether they be John F. Kennedy’s assassination, or the September 11th terrorist attacks, ‘Conspiracy Theories’ and no one in the public mainstream dares take it seriously.  Thankfully, intelligent people are not put off that easily, and not worried about character aspersions.  What does hem truth-seekers in, are those who can’t see beyond their personal fears.  Just promote the suspicion and anxiety in the general public that those currently leading want to ‘take away their guns’ or create a communist, or socialist government, and like the oft-told cautionary tale of a frog who won’t jump out of a pot of water that slowly comes to boil, they have no wits against their country being, or becoming, de facto fascist!

Citizens United vs Federal Elections Commission was a large step toward legal Corporatism.  Money was already sullying politics prior to that astoundingly horrific Supreme Court decision, but now the money dam is wide open, and just look at the current political arena.  Each candidate has their billionaire corporate sponsor, and those candidates are not invested in doing the People’s business any more, but that of corporate interests – and regardless of the idiocy that Mitt Romney spews, corporations are not actually people, and saying that they are people because people run them is like saying my car is a person because I drive it.

Those raising the most money massively spread their message and disparaged their rivals prior to the Citizens United vs FEC catastrophe, but there had been limits to spending because corporations could not directly influence politics.  Now it’s a free-for-all, with foreign interests able to sway American politics, not just those at home.

Nothing will change until money is out of politics, and while our electoral system needed reform before the Citizen’s United decision, I fear that we’ll be boiled long before any good changes can happen.




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