Addendum To Last Night’s Post

Thinking about how tiny we are in the universe, how much we don’t matter is depressing, or revelatory, or both, or neither, but sitting here with a fire going, watching a TV show, looking around at the house I’m in, the land we live on, the trees, the flowers, the garden, and human creativity, it’s also true that we’re a hidden gem in the universe.

We’re sadly gluttons for our own doom so much of the time, but there are other souls doing what they can to remedy the mistakes we make, to help rather than hurt, being compassionate rather than callous, and giving life meaning through creativity, service, and love.

We are like the Whos of Whoville, and maybe there is a Horton to hear us – a larger concerned entity fighting for us, regardless of how insignificant we appear.

As Horton says: “a person’s a person no matter how small”

We matter as a collective.!!

We know how real we are, even if our time here is really quite small.  Dr. Suess, I am not, though I like him a lot. I’ve been through the bracken, I’ve heard the great Kraken.  I’ve been to the place called Hither and Yon, and I’ve seen many things that made me not want to go on.  And on, I did go, though the weather was foul, on I did go through winds that would howl.  I was afraid, yes it’s true, more afraid than most – I hope it doesn’t happen to you.




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