Holiday Get-Aways

I am on several e-lists of vacation-hawking sites, and most of the time I look at the Grecian seaside pictures, the trips down the Nile, to the Great Pyramids, and the Sphinx in Egypt, the azure waters of so close, yet so far away locales, drooling over them all.  After wiping the drool off my computer keyboard, I sigh, and think: someday, I’ll get to all of those places.  Then to console myself when reality sets in, I remember that most of the places the brochures depict are aerial shots on perfect days (and often air-brushed or otherwise tweaked) that never show cockroaches, bed-bugs, or the final room bill…

Yeah, if you need a sour-grape story, I’m your girl!

Just a while ago, I was looking at one such travel site advertising an Inn in New  Hampshire (basically my neck of the woods), for a lovely winter vacation spot.  First off, my idea of a winter vacation is somewhere more southerly than New Hampshire – and I don’t mean Rhode Island.  Secondly, the picture the site shows makes me think of the Stanley hotel in Colorado that inspired Stephen King‘s novel: The Shining:

Mountain View Grand Resort, Whitefield, New Hampshire

I know it’s a beautiful resort, and it’s probably a lovely place to stay, but it creeps me out.  Now, if they wanted to pay my way to stay there for a weekend and write about my experience, I wouldn’t turn them down.  I just wouldn’t think of it as a ‘vacation’ per se, but maybe more like an investigation.

Just for reference, here’s a photograph of the Stanley Hotel:

I know that there are many people who look forward to, and really enjoy, cold weather, and snow, and all the winter activities therein.  I, however, would rather write about those frigid climes and enterprise from the warmth of an Aruban beach.  Heck, I’m not picky, any equatorial or South Pacific locale suits me just fine.




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