Who is this ‘Hermionejh’ anyway?

Massachusetts is my home state, and where I’ve lived the most – but I have also resided nationally, from Boulder, Colorado, Oracle, Arizona, and San Diego, California, as well as other New England states (and New York). I feel like I’ve had a large rubber band attached to me that keeps pulling me back to Massachusetts whenever I try to leave for good.

My mother lived relatively close to me, and my siblings all live within a hundred mile radius, so that has kept me rooted here for the last decade. Raising my son made being near my family more desirable too, and I’m glad he had that stability. My mother’s and siblings’ help was invaluable while I was raising my son, but now he’s finished college, working, and figuring out his adult life, while I’m left recovering from ‘empty nest syndrome‘.


I’m passionate about singing, acting, and writing, so termination from active parenting allows me the time to pursue them – as long as I overcome long-term procrastination, fear, and various personal demons that have had their way with me far too long.

You’ll feel my A.D.D. as you flit through past posts on everything from the dreaded politics and religion categories, to childhood adventures, fictional distractions, and humorous? foibles.

Accept my gratitude for your visit, and especially for comments, thoughts, and a chance to look at your blog too!

Cheers, and go be brilliant!

4 thoughts on “Who is this ‘Hermionejh’ anyway?

  1. Great blog, my kids are still under twenty, I’m dreading them leaving the nest but that seems so faraway. The thing is, time moves incredibly fast!
    I’ll be checking back often. Take care and warm regards!

    • I edited, Seyi! Thank you for reading and for your thoughts. Having children enriches life, for sure, but can also be as painful as it is wonderful. Time does move so fast, and it’s great when we can appreciate present time, and not have much, if any, regret! Cheers to you!:-)

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