Trimmed Tree Pictorial Tale

It felt very odd to not decorate my Christmas tree with my son, but I didn’t want to leave it bare for two weeks.  I decided to put the tree in the corner by my bookcases, and I’m enjoying having one this year, even though I think I’m a bit allergic to it.

My lack of skill with a camera made this a kind of cool picture where the light trails remind me of Santa’s reindeer, flying through the air:

Christmas trees look so much better in the dark!

When I was four or five, until I was nine or so, I’d shimmy under the Christmas tree every year, looking up through the branches with un-focused eyes until the lights resembled something like this:

Almost every ornament holds a special memory, or marks stages of my adult life.  My first serious boyfriend and I bought frosted glass bulbs for our first Christmas together.  He got half of them when we broke up seven years later.  I doubt he kept his, but I’m glad I still have mine.

My son made a few ornaments during his grammar school years that bring back those Christmases to me when I hang them up.  A hardened dough, glazed, and painted bone he made in his sixth grade class, (the year my mother got a beagle from the animal shelter, and the dog was on my son’s mind when he created the ornament), and a variety of others from my son’s first Christmas, to this year’s ornament that the folks at the tree farm gave to everyone buying a tree, commemorating the volunteers who helped with clean up and salvage after Hurricane Irene’s flood devastation this past August.




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4 thoughts on “Trimmed Tree Pictorial Tale”

  1. At age 59 I still sit on the couch and do that squinty eye thing at the lit Xmas tree. Very psychedelic and 1960ish, but much less expensive! Loved the trailing tail lights pic.

    1. Thanks Renee! Yeah, I don’t need to squint much anymore to see the blurred lights! Yes, it is very psychedelic without the drugs!! Yeah, I couldn’t figure out what the trailing lights reminded me of at first, and then I realized it kind of looks like Santa’s reindeer. 🙂 Cheers, and Happy All-The-Days to you and yours!

  2. Hi Jerri, I love your ornaments. Your tree looks like mine sometimes looks, eclectic and lovely. Happy holidays to you.

    1. Thanks Brenda! I’ve been experimenting with picture taking after seeing so many cool pictures others take. I’m not sure I’d want to be a photographer because I went through nearly a hundred photos just to get a few good ones, but it was mostly fun! Happy holidays to you and yours too!

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