Trimmed Tree Pictorial Tale

It felt very odd to not decorate my Christmas tree with my son, but I didn’t want to leave it bare for two weeks.  I decided to put the tree in the corner by my bookcases, and I’m enjoying having one this year, even though I think I’m a bit allergic to it.

My lack of skill with a camera made this a kind of cool picture where the light trails remind me of Santa’s reindeer, flying through the air:

Christmas trees look so much better in the dark!

When I was four or five, until I was nine or so, I’d shimmy under the Christmas tree every year, looking up through the branches with un-focused eyes until the lights resembled something like this:

Almost every ornament holds a special memory, or marks stages of my adult life.  My first serious boyfriend and I bought frosted glass bulbs for our first Christmas together.  He got half of them when we broke up seven years later.  I doubt he kept his, but I’m glad I still have mine.

My son made a few ornaments during his grammar school years that bring back those Christmases to me when I hang them up.  A hardened dough, glazed, and painted bone he made in his sixth grade class, (the year my mother got a beagle from the animal shelter, and the dog was on my son’s mind when he created the ornament), and a variety of others from my son’s first Christmas, to this year’s ornament that the folks at the tree farm gave to everyone buying a tree, commemorating the volunteers who helped with clean up and salvage after Hurricane Irene’s flood devastation this past August.




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4 thoughts on “Trimmed Tree Pictorial Tale

  1. At age 59 I still sit on the couch and do that squinty eye thing at the lit Xmas tree. Very psychedelic and 1960ish, but much less expensive! Loved the trailing tail lights pic.

    • Thanks Renee! Yeah, I don’t need to squint much anymore to see the blurred lights! Yes, it is very psychedelic without the drugs!! Yeah, I couldn’t figure out what the trailing lights reminded me of at first, and then I realized it kind of looks like Santa’s reindeer. 🙂 Cheers, and Happy All-The-Days to you and yours!

  2. Hi Jerri, I love your ornaments. Your tree looks like mine sometimes looks, eclectic and lovely. Happy holidays to you.

    • Thanks Brenda! I’ve been experimenting with picture taking after seeing so many cool pictures others take. I’m not sure I’d want to be a photographer because I went through nearly a hundred photos just to get a few good ones, but it was mostly fun! Happy holidays to you and yours too!

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