Wild Wind

The wind has been stirred up all day.  Tonight’s temperature is milder than this morning’s was, even though the wind never let up today.  Today started with yesterday in its mood although not composition.  It was a summer-like day yesterday, temperatures in the mid-seventies, barely any wind, and mild until after I got home around 11pm.

I had a late rehearsal for A Streetcar Named Desire, last night, and wasn’t feeling well when I got home, but attributed that to the local Pumpkin Festival’s Thai food vendor’s fare I had earlier in the evening.  I woke up this morning still feeling badly, so I laid low except to retrieve some items from my car, which is when I noticed how cold it had become overnight, with the wind punctuating that discovery.  I felt better as the day wore on, and studied some of my lines, and eventually got myself together to make band practice in the later afternoon.

The ride to my band mate’s house involved several enchanting moments of swirling autumn leaf showers, and a visual feast of bright and muted colors as I passed russet colored oak leaved trees, red, orange and yellow-leaved maples, yellow-leaved birches, brilliantly red-leaved sumacs, and other dazzling autumn colors in the many shrubs and vines I passed on my way.

It was fully dark outside by the time practice was over, but the wind had persisted and rushed around me as I made my way to my car.  The quarter moon hung low and deeply yellow-orange in the starlit sky, and I wouldn’t have been surprised to have entered another dimension.  (It would have been horrifying if I’d entered another dimension, just not surprising.)

I lingered at every stop sign on the way home tonight to hear the wind while I watched the moon.  I was reminded of several nights when my son was three or four and we lived in South Portland, Maine, and I would sit in my wicker rocking chair gazing up at the moon, while listening to the night wind.  I think those moments reside more potently in my memory because of how difficult my every day life was back then.

Tonight, however, was a night of power.  This month represents possibility to me, even though its natural significance relates diminished, rather than increased, potential.  Nothing new can start without shedding the old, and if the ancient religions had any validity, this time of year heralds the meeting of the seen and unseen worlds more strongly than at any other time of the year.

At the very least, I felt somewhat transported by the whispering winds’ incantations as I sat entranced in the glow of a bright and low quarter moon.




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6 thoughts on “Wild Wind

    • Thank you, Al! Autumn is such a poetic season, don’t you think? It would have been fun to have company on amazing nights like that – experiencing nature’s awesomeness is fine on one’s own, but it’s so much better when you have friends sharing it with you! Cheers. Jerri

  1. This is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors of the leaves and am entranced when I watch them spiral to the ground. Have you noticed how seldom they fall, instead it seems they have a tendency to spiral as they make their way to the ground. I love this post.

    • Yes, Brenda, I have noticed that! I love that about the falling leaves too, and especially when the wind whips them around like leaf showers. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Enjoy the season. 🙂 xo Jerri

  2. We seem to have these ‘special’ moments when everything around us is suddenly noticeable and brings us memories and special feelings. I hope your play goes well for you and I guess you’re still in the band so you are busy!…Take care .Diane

    • Yes, I’m definitely keeping busy, Diane! Every once in a while those full moments come back to me so forcefully, I thought I should write about it. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂 Jerri

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