Kit-Cat Klock

kit-cat klock

Kit-Cat Klock (Photo credit: World of Oddy)

KitCat Clock

I bought a Kit-Cat Klock for my son one Christmas, nearly ten years ago now.  He had it hung up in his room, and when we moved, I was happy to see that he put it back up on his wall.  I really like the way its eyes and tail move back and forth, but it’s not the most accurate time piece.  This one is battery operated, but I think the original Kit-Cat Klock was electric.

When my son went to college, the clock remained here, even though I suggested taking it as a memento of home.  I removed the battery and put it with his things that I’m keeping in case he wants it in the future, which I realize isn’t likely, but you never know.  If he ever has kids they might enjoy stuff that was once their Dad’s, or at least having a physical connection from the past to the present.

I was cleaning the other day and saw the clock and decided to dust it off, put a battery in, and stick it up on the wall.  I forgot how much pleasure I take in simple things, and I’m so glad I decided to claim it, and went through the trouble to put it up.




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4 thoughts on “Kit-Cat Klock

  1. There is something unique about that particular clock. I used to own one myself. When I was moving, a neighbor decided that they needed it more than I did sadly enough. What fond memories. Thank You

    • Aw, that’s sad, but there really is something extra cool about this clock! I think one was on the wall in Back To The Future, as well! I hope you find another one, or another one finds you. Thanks for commenting! Jerri

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