Will gun control help?  The argument goes that law-abiding citizens don’t commit crimes, criminals do, or the mentally ill do.  A twenty year-old who shot and killed twenty-seven people, twenty of whom were grammar students is also dead, so there’s no further discovery into his motives, his thoughts, his state of mind.  It should be obvious, I know: he was mentally disturbed.  He lacked empathy, he wasn’t rational – because who could shoot and kill anyone without being insane if you’re not on a battlefield or otherwise defending yourself?

But, what happened to him?  What did he live with that made him deliberately kill children?

There are many who disagree with me, but I think we need more restrictive gun laws including the types of guns citizens have access to, the types of ammunition, and yearly mental-health check-ups of registered gun owners.  That won’t stop the criminals, but it might limit some of the guns, or some types of ammunition.  I think citizens need the 2nd Amendment because a well-regulated militia is necessary for the people to defend themselves against enemies foreign and domestic, and we’re at a point in our history where we already live in a de facto police state as we’ve seen the police grow more militarized, and we’ve seen how police in America uphold corporate and government interests above the citizenry’s interest.

I’m brokenhearted for the families who lost a child, or children, today, and in my powerlessness, all I can ask is ‘why’, and ‘what can we do to lessen the chances of repetition’?




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5 thoughts on “Powerless

  1. Hi Jerri,
    I can’t agree with you more. I understand the right to bear arms in the constitution,but some of the weapons used were semi automatic rifles.. who on earth needs that kind of weapon in their home?
    I know people want to shoot these guns, ( there’s a thrill like driving fast cars) but surely they could be kept in gun clubs or un der lock and key in secure premises.
    We had an incident a few years ago, where a man marched up a street in the UK shooting anything that moved.
    The government moved pretty quickly in banning semi automatics, keeping ammo under lock and key at separate premises etc.
    This wont stop criminals getting them, but it has stopped ” ordinary” members of the public from obtaining access to them.
    The problem in the states is that the gun lobby is so powerful, no one wants to take them on, but I do think that something needs to be done soon to prevent this happening again- which it surely will do sadly.
    I know a gun is a gun, and they all shoot bullets, but some of them shoot 600 rounds a minute.
    Those kind of weapons should never be allowed in to the public domain.
    Soldiers, State troopers, Police ( some sections ) yes, but not Joe Public.
    I saw the pictures of the children on Tv yesterday, their little faces shining , so full of life, promise and innocence, may they rest in peace with the angels, it’s so sad.
    Take care Jerri, I hope you are ok
    love n hugs

    • Thanks for commenting Nick. This latest tragedy has finally awoken more people to the need for better regulation. I think ammunition should have a tax like tobacco, and the regulations for owning firearms should be at least as overseen as having a license and owning a car is. We have laws against drunk driving, and it doesn’t completely deter alcoholics, but it does take their license away, or makes them pay more for the privilege to keep driving if it’s a first offense, unless it was particularly egregious.

      It’s terrible, and I’m sad for those families, and those beautiful gunned down children and the educators who tried to protect them. I hope for better, and will continue to work and cry out for better.

      Thanks again, Nick. Jerri

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