If you do not have depression I would like you to offer gratitude to your well-built brain right now – or your lack of childhood trauma events – or be especially grateful if you do not have depression even though you survived immense trauma.

You are a fucking miracle.

You may well be a miracle anyway – I suppose the fact we exist at all is miraculous.

How I wake up:

The weekend interaction with my next oldest sister and a ‘mutual’ friend swims into my consciousness with all its terribleness (and I say mutual loosely because when my mother died, said friend rushed to my sister’s side to comfort her in a haze of pungent smoke, but did not even give me a call. – Never fear, they all heard from me in the weeks after my mother’s death, and I yelled at him for not even thinking to call me when it was my world falling apart too).

Then remembering how my grown son has so thoroughly detached from me that it feels like a mortal wound every time I think of it. In my waking world I reason it all out, and comfort myself, and move on – but in my barely conscious, vulnerable waking moments, the hurt is as raw as a jagged broken bone.

I am genuinely happy for my son’s happiness. He got out of the poverty cycle. He did what every parent wants for their child – to do better than they did. He has a beautiful girlfriend that he just got engaged to, and I have every hope for a content life for them. They are well on their way.

And then she ‘girlfriend-splains’ my own son to me – as though I am just meeting him. And maybe I am.

And then the darkness moves in for its quarry.

All the joy has left my life. Death is a welcome friend. So how to do it? A bridge? A rope? Something quick. I make my plans, and get ready to go.

Something – grace, I guess – shakes me lucid.

No, not today motherfucker!

Now, I know her story is not like the battle I have to do, but the entity in me is just as vile as that nearly-was rapist.

I would like a working relationship with my son, but I do not know how to do that in a mutually satisfying way. I only know how to do extremes, unfortunately, so I am letting go.

I need to protect my heart that has been so battered the last few years. Maybe someday we can have a nice emotionally-distant relationship. I wish him the best life, and I love him with all that I have.

Letting go of the family I want is the next task. The past is gone, and I was probably always deluding myself that I had good relationships with my sisters.

Ahead of me is the hard work of leaving abusive relationships. I will not be my family’s pain receptacle any longer. It is literally killing me, and I want to die for something better than that.




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8 thoughts on “Battle-ready?

  1. I love you cuz. I’m so sorry that family has let you down so many times. Peace to you.

    • Thank you so much Jessie. xo I think I allowed myself to be mistreated, and I need to love myself instead of looking for love and validation from them. These life lessons are not easy! I love and appreciate you, and am lucky to have goodness in other family members and friends!!

      • Yes, definitely take care of you! I love and appreciate you too! Be patient with your kiddo, perhaps when he’s in his 30s, he’ll come back around- it’s a common kid behavior.

  2. Jerri, come and visit me over a long weekend or whenever. You can drive, but it is 6 hours. The train is lovely, but a little expensive. I am happy to split the cost. Just to be in a safe place, away from the rest of your life, with someone who has always loved you. We can hike along creeks, walk and talk, visit PopPop, have dinner with Trish…. You can come with me to my Quaker Meeting or sit with coffee in the back yard.

    Think about it. I would love to have you. Lois

    • Oh, Lois. I’m crying again. Thank you so much for your love. I would love to see you, and nix the dinner with Trish, but I’d love to see Pop-Pop too!! Quaker Meeting sounds amazing. xo
      I will figure out a time to visit. Love you. xoxo

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